Running Better Campaigns: Promoting Upgrades to Annual Plans

In this topic, you will learn how to use Audience Insight data to promote your users to subscribe to annual plans.


This series of knowledge base articles will highlight the ways that our customers are leveraging their harmonized data from Brightcove Audience Insights to run more effective campaigns. 

Making sure that our customers can realize value from the harmonized data that we create for them in our Scorecard and data platform is a core tenet of our business at Brightcove Audience Insights. One way that customers achieve this every day is by utilizing our data-rich subscriber exports in conjunction with their CRM & campaign management systems. Because we harmonize subscriber/billing data, content metadata, and consumption/engagement data, along with marketing attribution, we can attach really interesting information to every user record that we export. This added information can be used to create well-targeted, context-rich campaigns for engaging with existing customers, finding new ones and winning back those customers who have left.

Using Subscription Count and Tenure to Promote Upgrades to Annual Plans

This post focuses on the customerSubscriptionCount and customerTotalTenure export fields, and how they can be leveraged for more effective campaigns.

The purpose of the customerSubscriptionCount field is to show how many times a subscriber has joined, left, and rejoined the service. These can be users who have joined for particular content (a popular series) and leave once they are done only to rejoin when a new season of that series drops. They can also be users who are trying out different services and regularly move in and out of subscriptions.  There’s an opportunity for users who have rejoined a few times to pitch them on an annual subscription. By looking for users that have had say 3 or more subscriptions with your service, you can identify people that clearly perceive value that they return for. Offering an annual plan and pointing out the savings, plus the great content in your library represents an opportunity to move customers to a more stable, higher lifetime value scenario.

Upgrade Targets for Annual Plans

As the name implies, the purpose of customerTotalTenure is to show the total amount of time that a customer has been a paying subscriber. Looking for monthly subscribers with relatively long tenures, say over 6 months presents opportunities to promote an annual plan, by thanking them for being a long time user and pointing out the savings of an annual plan, which again can generate higher lifetime value for these subscribers.

These fields are included in our subscriber exports which can be automatically synced with products like Hubspot, where you can leverage the data to create the kinds of campaigns suggested above, and myriad others.

Stay tuned for posts on additional fields and the campaigns you could run based on them.