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    Content: Overview

    In this topic, you will learn about the Content Audience Insights scorecard.

    Content scorecard

    The content data helps retrieve the most famous content among subscribers using the service and provides insight into what's trending.

    Content insights reveal the audience's interaction with the content. Detailed popular content by series also counts with a content explorer and a library breakdown.

    Select the Content tab from the Audience Insights scorecard to see the following information.

    Content scorecard
    Content scorecard

    Content Period

    On the Engagement section, click the month button to select the specific date for your reporting data.

    Select week time span

    By clicking the following tabs the different options to retrieve data will be displayed:

    • Rolling
      Print report
    • To date
      Print report
    • Last complete
      Print report

    Page last updated on 02 May 2022