Integration Spotlight: Evergent

In this topic you will learn about Evergent, this integration allows importing registration, subscription, and payment data.

About evergent

Fast, Flexible, Scalable User Management, and Billing for Cloud Video Service Providers.

Category: Subscriber Management

Integration overview

With this integration, we are importing registration, subscription, and payment data from Evergent into our customer data platform which we then use to power our Insights Scorecard. Every day, Evergent exports the previous 24 hours’ worth of data as multiple CSV files and sends it to a secure Amazon S3 bucket, which we pick up automatically. 

What it means

If you are using or plan to use Evergent for billing and subscriber management, we can easily harmonize data we get from them with content metadata, visit & viewing analytics, 3rd party app store data, as well as marketing-spend information to provide a complete view of your SVOD service performance. We also provide a bridge to downstream marketing tools for CRM and campaign management, which makes the insights you see directly actionable. 

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