Audience Insights Glossary

A guide to important terminology for Brightcove Audience Insights.

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Average revenue per unit (ARPU) is an indicator of profitability based on the amount of money generated from each user.
Attention Index

Percentage of viewers who finished at least 75% of the content minus the percentage of viewers who watched at least 1 minute but abandoned watching.

  • A value of -100 means that every viewer abandoned while viewing less than 10% of the content
  • A value of 100 means that every viewer every viewer finished watching at least 3 quartiles (75%) of the content
At-Risk Customers
Customers who have used the service but have gone some time without a view. Their status changes the longer they go without a view.
Avg Attention Index
On a scale from -100 to 100, this index compares the number dissatisfied viewers (watch more than 1 minute but less than 10% of video) with the number who watch at least 75% of video.
Avg Completion
Percentage of the video watched by a user.
Average Conversions Per Day
Average number of viewers converted to paid subscriptions per day for the last 30 days.
Avg New Trials
Percentage of new trials compared to the total number of customers.
Avg New Trials Per Day
Average new trial sign-ups per day for the last 30 days.
Average Revenue Per User
Subscription revenue / average number of subscribers for a given timeframe.


Viewers who watch at least 3 episodes of content on the same calendar day. This metric is calculated over the selected date range.


CLV/CAC ratio
This is a measure of subscriber return on investment calculated by dividing Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) by Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).

The number of customers who have signed up for a paid subscription.

  • Direct Conversion - a user who signs up for a paid subscription without having a trial period
  • Gifts - Tracks the number of gift redemptions offered for signing up a friend or some other promotion
  • Reconnect Conversion - a user who has canceled their subscription, either voluntarily or involuntarily, and then resubscribed. Brightcove tracks data 3 years back.
Conversion Breakdown

Breakdown of viewers who converted to a paid subscription.

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
The cost of acquiring a single customer. This can include product, labor, marketing, and other costs. (Sales & marketing expenses / gross customer additions)
Customer Count
The net effect of conversions and cancellations on the total number of subscribers for a given time period.
Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
The lifetime value of a new subscription based on the survival rates of subscriptions over the past year.



Third-party stores where your content is located.

  • Managed - The store is running the subscription but you are curating the content. The store handles payments.
  • Unmanaged - The store monetizes your content, but you handle the payments.


Engagement Status

How engaged a user is by tracking video views.

  • New - Users with a view in the last week, but none in the last year
  • Engaged - Users with multiple views in the last month; views may not have gaps longer than 28 days from previous views
  • Recent - Users with no views in the last week, but at least 1 view in the prior 3 weeks
  • Idle - Users with no views in the last 4 weeks, but at least 1 view in the prior 8 weeks
  • Re-engaged - Users with a view in the last week, but no views in the prior 4 weeks
  • Inactive - Users with no views in the last 12 weeks, but at least 1 view in the last year
  • Dormant - Users with no views in the last year


Users that have viewed 3 or more episodes of content within the selected date range.
First Watched
Assets that customers have watched as their first piece of content.
Free Trial Conversion Percent
Average number of viewers with free trials who converted to a paid subscription in the last 30 days.












Library Viewed
The percenage of titles in your asset library with at least 1 view in last month.
Lifetime Value (LTV)
Lifetime value (LTV) estimates the amount of revenue a customer represents to a business over the life of the relationship. This is helpful for determining the cost efficiency of acquiring new customers and supporting them over time.
Lost Trials Percent
The percentage of trial users that have not converted to subscribers over the past 30 days.
Lost Viewers
The number of users who watched content and churned within the current date range.








The percentage of the subscriber base that has cancelled over the past 30 days.
Percent Active Bingers
Bingers are viewers who watch at least 3 episodes of a series on the same calendar day. This metric is calculated over the last 30 days.
Percent Active Subs
Percentage of your paid subscriptions which are active. Active users are defined as viewers who are signed in.
Percent Library Viewed
The percentage of content library with titles over 5 minutes long that have at least 1 view in the past 30 days
Percent Stalled Trialists
The percentage of trialists who had no video views in either the last 7 days or half their trial length, whichever is shorter.
Percent Stalled Users
The percentage of users who had no video views in the past 30 days.
Percent Viewers Watching New Content
Viewers who watched at least 1 piece of new content in the last 30 days. New content is defined as a piece of content that was viewed 14 days after its release.
Projections are a linear regression analysis based on customer counts over the last 12 weeks. Up to 3 months of predictive data is available.



A customer sandbox to build your own insights and data. This links to Amazon Quicksight.


A viewer who canceled a subscription and then re-subscribed.
Retention Rate
Retention Rate uses observed churn for customers who joined the service in the last 13 months. This ensures that the retention rate is based on your service as it exists recently and is long enough to capture annual renewals and churn.
Revenue Retained
Percentage of revenue retained from existing customers including expansion, downgrades, and cancellations.


Scheduled Cancellations
Customers who have marked their subscription to expire at the end of their paid term. This upcoming voluntary churn is based on the last day they can use the service.
Service View Share
This content's percent of video views relative to the total service veiws.
Smart Views

Smart views allow you to find content with specific characteristics.

  • Content Contribution - Find content with the highest contribution to your overall service based on net share and ratings
  • Recent Arrivals - Find content released in the past month, sorted by highest average audience per day
  • Steady Performers - Find content released more than a month ago, sorted by hightest average audience per day
  • False Starts - Find content with a low Attention Index and high audience size
  • Leaving Soon - Find content expiring in the next month, sorted by hightest average audience per day
Sort By Presets

Sort connected content using helpful presets:

  • Popular Content - Find content with a high Attention Index and large shared audience
  • Hidden Gems - Find entertaining content that currently has a small audience
  • Promotable - Find entertaining content with a large, non-overlapping audience
  • Dynamic Duo - Find connected content with a higher shared Attention Index than its overall Attention Index
Survival Curve
Survival Curve is derived from the Retention Rate and projects the retention for tenures up to 1000 days (143 weeks) for use in projecting subscription lifetime value. Outsized differences in the Survival and Retention lines indicate irregularities or notable events in customer churn.


Top Titles
Content titles are ranked by the size of the viewer audience.
Trial Acquisition Cost
The cost associated with trials in relation to the number of trials added over a period of time.




Video Views
Number of times a video started playing, recorded when the stream is started (does not include rewind or replay) - this is not a measure of individual viewers.


WAU/MAU ratio
Weekly Active Users (WAU) as a percentage of Monthly Active Users (MAU). If you have registered users or subscribers, active users are defined as viewers who are signed in; otherwise, they are users who have watched at least one video during the period.