Integration: Eloqua

In this topic, you will learn about the Eloqua integration, which aims to update user data gathered from Audience Insights to your Eloqua account.


Audience Insights generates daily data at the user level for subscription-based accounts and accounts that do not require a subscription.

These values can be transferred to your Eloqua application using this integration.


  • Have viewer tracking enabled on your Video Cloud account.
  • Being a user with an admin role in Audience Insights.
  • Have an Eloqua account and user with access to install applications.
  • Install one of the two possible applications in your Eloqua instance.

Installing the application on your Eloqua Instance

To Install the Brightcove Publish Integration to your Eloqua account, Click the appropriate link and follow the onscreen instructions.

Brightcove Publish Integration for Eloqua (Audience Insights)

Brightcove Publish Integration for Eloqua (Videocloud)

Adding the integration

  1. Log in to Video Cloud Studio.
  2. Open the Integrations module.
  3. Click Customer Data Platforms

  4. Click Add Integration
  5. Select Eloqua from the Destination dropdown.
  6. Fill out the Form and Click Save
  7. Select your Eloqua integration and Click on the Integration Properties tab.
  8. Choose which attributes are active and should be synchronized to Eloqua.


Viewing the updated contact fields in Eloqua

  1. On your Eloqua application, Click the settings icon in the main navigation bar.
  2. Click on Fields & Views.

  3. Expand the Contact Fields group; you can select any available fields for more information.



Additional Notes

  • Eloqua supports two string data types: a small text field (100 characters) and a large text field (32,000 characters).
  • All the string fields supported by the Eloqua integration are small text fields except for Segment Ids and Segment Names, which are large text fields.