Engagement: Usage trends

In this topic, you will learn about Audience Insights data for engagement usage trends. These metrics will improve customer visibility and help guide company decisions.


Engagement Insights reveal the audience’s interaction with your content library. These include detailed usage trends of video consumption, average days streamed, and activity over time. The Insights data allows you identify ideal videos per session and the number of series watched to maximize conversions and lifetime value.

The Insights Scorecard enhances results with improved customer acquisition, service engagement, and reduced churn.

Usage Trends shows views, hours viewed, and audience size grouped by trialists & subscribers.


Quickly view a summary of usage trends data per day.

Lost customers per day
Usage trends

Review usage trends data:

  • New - Users with a view in the last week but none in the last year
  • Engaged - Users with multiple views in the last month; views may not have gaps longer than 28 days from previous views
  • Re-engaged - Users with a view in the last week, but no views in the prior four weeks
  • Recent - Users with no views in the last week but at least one view in the prior three weeks.


  • Click Expand Icon to expand the graph and see more information.
  • Select Expand Icon to see engage trends displayed by views, hours watched or audience size.
  • Click Overflow menu to download data as a CSV file or a PNG image.
    Download customer change data
  • Select a date range for your data.
    Date range
  • Select the x-axis granularity to be Day, Week or Month.
    X-axis granularity
  • Check Auto adjust to automatically change the x-axis dimension to day.
  • Select to automatically show a specific graphic for new, engage and re-engage.


  • Disinterested user
    Example 1
    Disinterested User
  • Spotty viewing
    Example 2
    Spotty viewing
  • Seasonal viewing
    Example 3
    Seasonal Viewing


Milestones track progress against your decisions and are persistent throughout each tab of the Scorecard.

Customer summary scorecard


Here are the actions that are available for the milestones section.

  • Click Expand Icon to add a new milestone.

    Download customer change data
  • Click Overflow menu to delete or edit a milestone.

    Download customer change data
  • Click Overflow menu to select which views to show.

    Download customer change data